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Shopping for the Bridemaids dresses!

I had imagined what this would be like… Looking at all the beautiful dresses and having my best friends being just awesome and trying on a dozen of dresses so that I was sure that I was getting the right one, them being silly and goofy and oh so funny. They just surpassed everything that I could imagine and made this just wonderful for me.

I have the most wonderful friends and by the looks of the pictures, the funniest.

All shoulders. HUNCH!!! HUNCH!!

Amy? Uh.... not really sure.

LOVE the shoulder thing.. NOT


There really aren't any words.... except well..... nope don't have any

Oh yeah...

I'm too sexy...

I am just going to assume they don't like this one.

Pretty Girls

~I am sure they will kill me for posting these, but oh well, the damage is done.... muh-ha ha ha ha.


Is a word I really don’t use much or really have ever used. 
Other word (s) not in Lindsey's dictionary:

Portion Control

Now, over the span of the last decade, I have been on diets and exercised and ate things that were good, but my basis on living and eating were not and never have been towards being healthy.  Being on Weight Watchers has given me another perspective on these terms.  Being healthy is important!!  Having the right nutrition is important.  I have a long way to go, but I feel that I am learning these things.
When I first started Weight Watchers, my lunch consisted of 100-calorie snacks and WW cookies and WW Smart Ones frozen dinners.  While those things are ok, they are not nutritional sound. 
My lunch now consists of stings cheese, yogurt, fiber bar, chicken, grapes and a salad.  For me this is like, WOW!  I am awesome!  I really could do this healthy thing!!
Why did it seem so hard before?

My motivation at this point is to get into a pair of pants.
This may …

Weight Watchers

I decided to join weight watchers a week and half ago. So far I have done very well with this.
First week weight in 4.8 lbs lost. (Not bad) but only exercised once.
However this week, I am struggling a little.
I seem to be going back to that old habit of mine, boredom eating. As I have not (to this date) “cheated” but the urge is SO strong.

I decided to start blogging about the success in this weight loss because of this reason. I feel if I fill my life with talking and writing about my weight loss and things I want to accomplish, it will keep my mind motivated and on task. (Right? Or am I just kidding myself?)

Last night I had an epiphany though. I was able to for the first time in a week (I really mean two years and a week) to fit into a pair of jeans! Not a different size, but a different pair that was too small!!!! I was so excited about this! I couldn’t believe that in a week I had done just that little task. I felt very powerful and in control of my life, but that soon fade…