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Shopping for the Bridemaids dresses!

I had imagined what this would be like… Looking at all the beautiful dresses and having my best friends being just awesome and trying on a dozen of dresses so that I was sure that I was getting the right one, them being silly and goofy and oh so funny. They just surpassed everything that I could imagine and made this just wonderful for me.

I have the most wonderful friends and by the looks of the pictures, the funniest.

All shoulders. HUNCH!!! HUNCH!!

Amy? Uh.... not really sure.

LOVE the shoulder thing.. NOT


There really aren't any words.... except well..... nope don't have any

Oh yeah...

I'm too sexy...

I am just going to assume they don't like this one.

Pretty Girls

~I am sure they will kill me for posting these, but oh well, the damage is done.... muh-ha ha ha ha.