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Shopping for the Bridemaids dresses!

I had imagined what this would be like… Looking at all the beautiful dresses and having my best friends being just awesome and trying on a dozen of dresses so that I was sure that I was getting the right one, them being silly and goofy and oh so funny. They just surpassed everything that I could imagine and made this just wonderful for me.

I have the most wonderful friends and by the looks of the pictures, the funniest.

All shoulders. HUNCH!!! HUNCH!!

Amy? Uh.... not really sure.

LOVE the shoulder thing.. NOT


There really aren't any words.... except well..... nope don't have any

Oh yeah...

I'm too sexy...

I am just going to assume they don't like this one.

Pretty Girls

~I am sure they will kill me for posting these, but oh well, the damage is done.... muh-ha ha ha ha.


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Juice of the Day - Day 5

Today is Day 5.

Yesterday was difficult for me. I'd been invited to go to a nice restaurant for a birthday party with some co-workers, but since I'm juicing, I wouldn't be able to eat anything. This presented a real challenge.

All day I debated canceling, both because of the temptation to compromise and give in, and the misery of watching other people get to eat. Around the time I was supposed to be getting ready, I came across Dr. Oz's "Are You A Food Addict?" episode online. He asked five questions to help determine if you're addicted to food, one of which was "is food controlling your social life?"

This really took me by surprise. At that moment, I decided I was not going to let this overpower me. I ended up going and had a blast! I'm so glad that I chose to take control over my addiction.

Fortunately, today was a much better day for me. I felt good and full of energy. 

I tried this juice recipe today and it tasted great! It's light and re…

January 6th - 10th

Those are the dates, the dates that the treadmill will be delivered. It is the 6th already. Where is my treadmill?
I know I shouldn’t be antsy, but I am. My husband’s daughter signed up for the ½ marathon and it got me thinking about doing that. Now, the ½ marathon is definitely out of me reach, but I am hoping by September that my husband and I will be able to participate in one of the Fort4Fitness races.
I can’t believe that I am writing this. I have been over-weight for more 10 years and I would have never imagined that I would even consider doing this for myself. This is the year. This is the year that I become myself again. I used to be so athletic and now, I couldn’t run for 5 minutes without stopping.
I am so looking forward to this treadmill and this training schedule. This is very exciting for me.
If only my treadmill would get here. :)