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Is a word I really don’t use much or really have ever used. 
Other word (s) not in Lindsey's dictionary:
Portion Control
Now, over the span of the last decade, I have been on diets and exercised and ate things that were good, but my basis on living and eating were not and never have been towards being healthy.  Being on Weight Watchers has given me another perspective on these terms.  Being healthy is important!!  Having the right nutrition is important.  I have a long way to go, but I feel that I am learning these things.
When I first started Weight Watchers, my lunch consisted of 100-calorie snacks and WW cookies and WW Smart Ones frozen dinners.  While those things are ok, they are not nutritional sound. 
My lunch now consists of stings cheese, yogurt, fiber bar, chicken, grapes and a salad.  For me this is like, WOW!  I am awesome!  I really could do this healthy thing!!
Why did it seem so hard before?
My motivation at this point is to get into a pair of pants.
This may not seem like a big deal to some, but to me it is.  I bought this pair of size 16 pants.
Yes people… I just told you that I CANNOT fit into 16 pants! Maybe someday I will tell you my weight. RIGHT! :-)
They are currently hanging on my wall. They are nothing special, just a pair of pants.  To me though, they are something I am working towards.  I would like to fit into these by February 20th.  I hope that with the combination of the gym 5 times a week and my “healthy” food choices, I can do this.


  1. I understand wanting to fit a size 16! I started at a 24! Lindsey, you're fantastic and you can tell this is going to be life changing for you. Your way of thinking is changing along with your eating habits. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!


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