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Bad Vacation?

I wouldn't say that the vacation that Ron and I just took was bad, but unlucky. We spent a wonderful time together and that's what counts. In the end, that's what we loved about it, that we were together. The "unluckiness" of the trip really started Tuesday morning with me, then I think just followed us to Toledo. While working, I proceeded to hit myself and run into many things, which produced about three more bruises and one on my head. After leaving work, I ran errands and proceeded to fall on the way into one store. Now the definition of "fall" can be interpreted so many ways. This was me missing a step and then flying forward on my knee and hands. Sun glasses, wallet, and keys go forward flying. Now usually I get up quickly in embarrassment, but this time I was in so much pain, I don't think I stood for a good 45 seconds to a minute. Then the knee pain proceeded to consume me for the next couple hours. All I could think about was the pain that I was experiencing. I finish my errands and go home to pack. The obstacles that had happened made it impossible for me get a grasp on the rest of the day. I was packing like it was the first time I had packed in my life. I was so ill prepared for this trip that I had no idea what I was doing. It took me a good two hours to pack for two people for one night and one day.... At this moment I had officially thought I had fallen off the reservation. To top off that wonderful morning, I come to realize as I was printed the confirmation to the hotel, that I had conveniently booked the hotel for August 21st, not July 21, which is the night we were staying. Luckily, the hotel had exactly two rooms left, both which were handicap rooms. At this point I was grateful they had rooms. So I finally get myself in order and I am waiting for my better half to come home from work so we could leave. The rest of the evening went okay. We started driving and ate in Defiance, Ohio. The meal was good and the Cold Stone that followed was awesome. We get to the hotel, check in, and go to bed. The next morning, we wake up to rain. We had tickets to go the Toledo Zoo.. The whole reason for even coming to Toledo. At this point we are unsure what we are going to do. So we get showered in a shower that had the worst water pressure I have ever experienced. It reminded me of the Hoover Dam. Where the water kind of leaks out a little pin hole at a time. Then went to the lobby for some breakfast. After that we decide that we will drive around a little and maybe go the Toledo Museum of Art. Looking at the web, which says that the Toledo MOA is one of the best, we were expecting it to be awesome. We go, and it is less than entertaining. Neither of us were inspired at all. Which is odd. We left feeling disappointed and wanting to be inspired. We both were thinking how great Indianapolis' MOA was. After leaving there we had basically given up that this trip was a bust. We start driving and looking for something to eat. While driving we realize that we keep driving threw lower housing areas. It seems to be never ending. We finally decide to go to Joe's Crab Shack. Ron get his handy dandy iPhone out and starts mapping it. We seemed to have directional problems that whole trip. We pass it and then as we are going back we realized that it has been closed and another restaurant had taken over the building, but guess what? That was closed as well. So we continue to try and find a place to eat. We find a place called Magic Wok. We are thinking that would be like good cheap food. Disgusting. I didn't even enjoy the rice. At least it was cheap, right? After that we decide to go the movies. We decide on a movie and get the directions to the Maumee 18 theatre. Well we have about an hour and 20 minutes to kill, so Ron saw that there was a huge mall right down the street from the movie theatre that we could kill time in. We are driving and Ron is telling me that the mall should be right here on the left... We look over to see the whole mall bulldozed over. There is a HUGE lot with only what looks like they were department stores left. The only thing we could do was laugh. It was like nothing we wanted to do was working out. I couldn't even believe it. We then decided to just go to the movies. We saw Star Trek. Awesome. We had seen it once before and it was just a great movie. After that we went to Auto Zone and got out wind shield wipers fixed. We then decided that we were going to go Lake Erie. See some of the water. That is will make us feel better, sitting and relaxing by the Harbor for a while. Well as we are mapping out the best route to get there, we somehow get our selves on a Toll Road!!! With no exits but to the airport. We aren't sure where we are going on the toll road or where it goes. The stress keeps building when things never seem to go right. We finally get up to the exit by the freaking airport and ask the toll road guy, if we can just to a U turn and get back so we can just get back to the other side. He informed us that we would have to pay and then get back on and pay again. We were not pleased at all with the response. I asked why we have to pay twice for something that we really didn't even want to be on in the first place. He asked where we were going and said that we might not have to get back onto the toll road. He then proceeded to say, well I need 50 cents from you and then I will give you directions. Like we are going to stiff the wonderful state of Ohio out of 50 freaking cents. We finally get where we need to go and head north to the lake. We see several areas on the map program and decided on a few. We go into Michigan only to realize that we can't freaking see anything from there. The water was just on the other side of the oddly tall trees and bushed. What the hell? So we have to drive back to Ohio and head over to another area. We found it. We see water. It's overcast, but wonderful. But for exactly 25 minutes. We had spent so much time trying to find the water that we were running late for our reservations downtown. We get there and sit down. The website where I found this restaurant said that the entree's were $11 to $18. We actually get in there and they are more like $18 to $25. We look at each other and decided to leave. Then of course we couldn't decide where to go. We drive around and can't decide. We start driving south, thinking maybe we will find something. We don't. We then proceed to get onto the wrong highway again and go 25 minutes out of our way again. We are both at out wits end and decided that maybe we should just go home and pick something up on the way. As we are about to get to the highway that we are going to take home, Ron realizes that the road that the map program said to take home was the freaking Toll Road again!!!! If you can imagine what was thought or said at the moment... We decide to just find a place to eat. We found a Carrabba's. Which was wonderful. We had a lovely dinner and it just seemed to make us both feel better. We re-group and find a way home. We roll in about 1 am. I also want to point out that the entire day, it didn't rain. Sprinkled a few times, but no rain. Glad we didn't go the Zoo!
Man it's good to be home!!!!!


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